Smart Treasury

Connect your traditional bank account to the blockchain, and give your customers new functionalities with greater trust and control. Integrate with your own smart contract stack, a DAO platform like Aragon, or other decentralized finance protocols.

Bank Connection

We connect directly with your traditional bank, allowing you to integrate your €/$/£ account(s) with your blockchain applications.

Blockchain Integration

We can connect to your blockchain application, allowing smart contracts to trigger bank operations, and vice-versa.

Trust Minimization

By allowing users to interact directly with your bank, we enhance the user's trust in your organization.


By allowing third parties to query your bank directly, you can achieve a higher level of transparency in your organization, allowing for blockchain-like execution of transactions.


Decentralized Finance

Develop Open Finance products, like non-custodial exchanges, insurance policies, loans, or investment platforms.

By connecting your bank processes to smart contracts, users can directly withdraw or deposits funds into your accounts.

Stable Coin

Create a stable token, pegged to your favorite fiat currency for use in smart contracts or decentralized applications.

By providing proof of balance directly from your bank, users can always trust that you have enough reserves.

DAO Treasury

Create a fiat treasury for your Aragon DAO, enabling your decentralized organization to interact with banks.

Through proof of balance, and bank-enforced multi-signature transactions, we can emulate trustless execution.