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At, we believe that blockchains and other peer to peer solutions can enhance and optimize the way we spread information, organize socially and construct systems.


Our goal at is to allow innovative entrepreneurs to perfect and realise their visions for decentralised applications. Before starting to code, we will carry out intensive brainstorming sessions with you to ensure all aspects of the project are discussed in detail.


By leveraging our knowledge and experience, we can develop any kind of decentralised applications (ÐApps) from scratch; from simple ICO smart-contracts to full fledged Decentralised Autonomous Organizations.

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Francesco Renzi

Project Manager
Blockchain and decentralization enthusiast with a very hands-on approach. Multilingual marketer, coder and social media manager.

I see myself as a future thinker with a vision for a freer, more decentralized world. I see cryptocurrencies as bringing about real financial freedom, and allowing unbridled markets to develop openly on the internet. As a keen observer of the rise of decentralized organizations and the new economic models they create, I am committed to being part of the crypto revolution. I see user friendliness and absolute security as the key elements in achieving participation in decentralized economies.

Feel free to share any ideas, concepts or random thoughts you might have. I have a passion for developing innovative business models and can help you brainstorm and implement crypto-economics into your project.