July 17, 2018


ÐApp Development

We enable our partners to launch exciting decentralised applications based on blockchain and peer to peer technologies. By leveraging our knowledge and experience, we can develop any kind of decentralised applications (ÐApps) from scratch; from simple ICO smart-contracts to full fledged Decentralised Autonomous Organizations.

Decentralised applications pose many challenges when compared to standard cloud based applications. Client-side computation, peer to peer connections, as well as lack of centralised control are only some of the constraints and design considerations that need to be properly balanced in an end-user application.

When working with the blockchain, it is very important to consider the trade off between on-chain and off-chain operations, in order to provide a usable application while maintaining security and trustlessness.

With cryptocurrency at stake in any smart contract, it is of fundamental importance to construct applications with security in mind from the ground up. At Decentral.ee we achieve this by adhering to industry best practices, and through strict review and auditing methods.

As firm believers in open-source, we believe there is no need to reinvent the wheel. We will develop your project using the best available frameworks and tools to ensure the highest levels of security and robustness for your application.