July 17, 2018


Our goal at decentral.ee is to allow innovative entrepreneurs to perfect and realise their visions for decentralised applications. Before starting to code, we will carry out intensive brainstorming sessions with you to ensure all aspects of the project are discussed in detail.

When designing open source decentralised applications there are many aspects of development that need very careful consideration, in particular regarding security aspects, usability, and crypto economic incentive systems.

It is important to understand the current and future opportunities, and limits, of technology. At the same time, it is fundamental to understand and leverage the power of online communities, that can make or break a decentralised application.

Cryptoeconomic are a fundamental aspect of developing blockchain projects, allowing a properly designed application to incentivize user participation to your DApp. However, incentive mechanisms and voting/consensus mechanisms require for careful consideration to avoid common pitfall like vulnerability to Sybil attacks or spam/denial of service attacks.

For example, when designing a decentralized application, there is, generally speaking, no way to distinguish between a real user and a bot. At the same time, there is no way to distinguish between one user and the next, meaning multiple agents seemingly acting independently, could in fact be a single person or bot.

By fleshing out all the necessary details about your application, we will create a technological plan for your project, from initial developments, through alpha, beta, and public releases. We will advise on your whitepaper, and help you design and develop your own part of the decentralised economy.