The role of Blockchain in Internet Decentralization

A presentation from the recent NOIA Network powered Vilnius meetup – “Decentralized Internet: Is it the future?“ MiaoMiao is a convert to the vision of a better world where the spread of information, social organization and the way we construct systems, are all enhanced and optimized through decentralization. Having worked in the software industry for Read more about The role of Blockchain in Internet Decentralization[…]

#clbfest2018: Blockchain Computing vs. Traditional Computing

This is the recording of the presentation I made at the #clbfest2018 (2018 Computational Law & Blockchain Global Festival). The topic was: Blockchain Computing vs. Traditional Computing. The highlights: Blockchain is a computing platform. Blockchain makes ideology as a service possible, due to its nature of being decentralized and capability of doing trustless computing.   Read more about #clbfest2018: Blockchain Computing vs. Traditional Computing[…]