Health Records are a gold mine

Hoarding Data is profitable Data has become the most powerful economic driver of the last decade, with companies like Google and Facebook achieving market dominance through data collection and analysis. However, this has brought with it significant debate around the issues of personal data and privacy. The current model of data-driven businesses is based on Read more about Health Records are a gold mine[…]

tZERO and the libertarian philosophy that drives Patrick Byrne

The success of launching tZERO marks a significant milestone in the mainstream adoption of the Blockchain technology. However the achievement did not come by accident, Patrick Byrne, the executive chairman of tZERO, is a deep believer of Austrian economics 1) What is Austrian Economics? , and would describe him a Hayekian 2) Friedrich Hayek . Because of Read more about tZERO and the libertarian philosophy that drives Patrick Byrne[…]

Non-Fungible-Tokens. What’s next?

Crypto Tokens The ERC-20 standard, first proposed in 2015, created the opportunity for anyone to easily create new currency/tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The technology isn’t new. You could create tokens on Bitcoin using so called coloured coins. However, with ERC20 a standard was broadly agreed on and formalized, guaranteeing interoperability of tokens between applications Read more about Non-Fungible-Tokens. What’s next?[…]

Decentralization is an End Itself

“The ideological heartstrings and naivety rooted in the paranoia and mistrust of centralized institutions like the government, a sentiment that is the bedrock or catalyst for many people attracted to blockchain, can only go so far. It’s up to front-running platforms seeking to offer a viable and preferable digital citizenship on land or sea (or Read more about Decentralization is an End Itself[…]

Decentralized Autonomous Future

The concept of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) was first introduced by Dan Larimer in 2013. Essentially a DAO is an organization whose workings are solely defined by code. This code establishes rules that define all the internal mechanisms that manage the allocation of the organization’s funds. In a blockchain, these rules (called smart contracts) are automatically enforced Read more about Decentralized Autonomous Future[…]

From open source software to open source organization – Part 3: Examples

In previous part, I described what is open source organization and its various design patterns. In this part, I will describe some example that puts the theory in practice. NOIA Network NOIA network is composed of thousands of nodes running open source NOIA node software 1) NOIA node github repository earning NOIA tokens for sharing Read more about From open source software to open source organization – Part 3: Examples[…]