Non-Fungible-Tokens. What’s next?

Crypto Tokens The ERC-20 standard, first proposed in 2015, created the opportunity for anyone to easily create new currency/tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The technology isn’t new. You could create tokens on Bitcoin using so called coloured coins. However, with ERC20 a standard was broadly agreed on and formalized, guaranteeing interoperability of tokens between applications Read more about Non-Fungible-Tokens. What’s next?[…]

Decentralized Autonomous Future

The concept of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) was first introduced by Dan Larimer in 2013. Essentially a DAO is an organization whose workings are solely defined by code. This code establishes rules that define all the internal mechanisms that manage the allocation of the organization’s funds. In a blockchain, these rules (called smart contracts) are automatically enforced Read more about Decentralized Autonomous Future[…]