Tallinn Blockchain Developers Meetup 20190724: Aragon app workshop

At Tallinn Blockchain Developers Meetup, we gather Blockchain developers in Estonia to meet and learn about Blockchain (mainly Ethereum) development together.

In the July meetup, we are learning together how to use the Aragon to create your own DAO on Ethereum. Also as an example an Aragon app that is to manage ether fund by investing ether into multiple tokens according to the configurable strategy, a perfect DeFi(Decentralised Finance) use case!. The demo also demonstrated the process of how to use Aragon Voting app to approve proposed investment strategy proposed by the “fund manager”.

We had a turn out of some 12 people (a impressive number for a small city like Tallinn and a very techy subject nonetheless!). We also agreed in the after event to adding a new program to the meetup that is to be: crypto beers!

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