Decentralization is an End Itself

“The ideological heartstrings and naivety rooted in the paranoia and mistrust of centralized institutions like the government, a sentiment that is the bedrock or catalyst for many people attracted to blockchain, can only go so far. It’s up to front-running platforms seeking to offer a viable and preferable digital citizenship on land or sea (or Read more about Decentralization is an End Itself[…]

Decentralized Autonomous Future

The concept of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) was first introduced by Dan Larimer in 2013. Essentially a DAO is an organization whose workings are solely defined by code. This code establishes rules that define all the internal mechanisms that manage the allocation of the organization’s funds. In a blockchain, these rules (called smart contracts) are automatically enforced Read more about Decentralized Autonomous Future[…]