Building a decentralized future

The future is decentralized, we are the forerunners
Imagine a world where humanity organizes itself in hive minds

We work with projects that are sharing our vision of a decentralized world, in areas including

  • decentralized finance projects which are good for financial inclusion and where we also have award winning projects in the cryptocurrency space that are loved by developers,

  • peer to peer communication projects that allowing everyone to communicate freely and,

  • creating internet-native and border-less organizations using Blockchain technology


Decentralization Pioneers

Miao ZhiCheng

Founder & Software Architect
Miao is a convert to the vision of a better world where the spread of information, social organization and the way we construct systems, are all enhanced and optimized through decentralization.

Francesco Renzi

Project manager
Blockchain and decentralization enthusiast with a very hands-on approach. Multilingual marketer, coder and social media manager.

Jaanek Oja

Blockchain Developer
Jaanek has worked in software industry for almost 20 years. Being hands on programmer in frontend and backend developments, leading teams and architecting complex systems. Past years he has helped Startups to succeed in building their software stacks and products.

Mari Nieminen

Legal counsel
Legal counsel. Expert in AML/KYC, and international tax laws.

Jason Van Boom

Philosophical and historical consultant
Academic specialist in semiotics, the study of sign-systems such as languages, memes, and codes. He is writing his PhD thesis at the University of Tartu. He has lectured and held graduate seminars in the United States and Estonia on philosophy, religion, and history.

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